Oh it's damn good to discuss about something in here. Some month before i took broadband connection (before tht i use dail-up) and downloaded msn messenger 7. I signed in than i got surprized to see many feautures in latest ver of msn 7. i saw a link in there called blog. I was thinking what is tht? As i am busy in chatting i ignored tht. After a while i was thinking to click on tht link and i did it. Thn i understood wht is blog(but i was confused wht to do with it).

Today in afternoon at 1:42pm my close-friend SIMON called me and told me to go in this link (www.blog.ndks.org). Thn i saw SIMON's blog site. It was fantastic. The most meaningful word i got from SIMON's blog site is "Is it CGPA is everything ? Exploring – Inventing … what are does ??". Thn I thought to make a blog site of mine. At last i did it. And here i am writing my first blog.