If you like the look of macOS this linux os will sure get you going for free. Its called Pear OS or Pear Linux. Its linux ubuntu based OS.

Efficient, modern and free…What’s else ?

Features: http://pearlinux.fr/discover/

Pear OS 7 is easy to use

And it comes with thousands of free applications. Pear OS 7 does everything you need it to. It’ll work with your existing PC files, printers, cameras and MP3 players.

You will find in this version :

– Kernel 3.5
– LibreOffice 4.0.1
– Pear OS Software Center
– MyPear 4
– Pear Cleaner 2.1
– Pear PPA Manager
– On Air
– VLC Media PLayer
– Firefox
– Back Time (Clone of Apple Time Machine)
– Geary Mail
– Adobe Flash Player (updated)
– Shotwell
– Empathy
– Brasero
– Cheese
– Notification Center

Based on ubuntu 12.10 without Unity and the GNOME panel; new Pear Linux Shell (7.0) based on Wingpanel and plank; new Pear Linux theme and new icon theme; it is now faster and uses fewer resources; new boot splash and login screen; new desktop notifications with Notification Center; new Pear OS Software Center; new Mission Control; new Virtual Desktop Switcher; Based on Kernel 3.5.0-23 but you could install with corella-kernel repository the kernel 3.7.10 and kernel 3.8.5. New software with CleanMyPear : a cleaning system ; New version of MyPear 4 : customize your system ; PPA Manager : Add pap source easily : New About this computer will show info about your computer ; New Audio Player On Air : fork of Noise player : Back In time : a clone of Apple Time Machine ; Geary Mail : LibreOffice 4.0.1…

Pear OS 7 available for download